About us

We are a social media partner for your business with a European office in Dublin, Ireland and a US office in San Francisco, California.

We specialise in Design, Management & Curation of your online communication.

We help businesses create a targeted online community, design engagement campaigns and track, monitor and curate online campaigns to support business including content distribution, product launches, online promotions / competitions and sales initiatives.

Our design team create branded social media profiles, web apps and websites tailored to each business own requirements.

Our digital media team film, edit and design branded content for use online. We offer training for companies and individuals from the basics of social media to business on-site staff training on how to use social media effectively. We design and tailor custom social media policy documents suitable to each and every business situation.

We also have a specialist risk assessment and crisis management team available if required.

With our European headquarters based in Dublin Ireland and our US headquarters based in San Francisco we can tailor a package to meet individual budgets to have “Your Social Media – Managed”

Social Media – Design, Management & Curation, Digital Media, Photography, Videography & Audio, Website & Social Web Design & Engagement, Digital Media Training, Digital Risk & Crisis Management

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